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The Indian Astrology is the most archaic and most precise. It gives you the proper solution of your problems related to career, job, marriage, business, investment and many others. Mrs. Madhuri Kulkarni is one of the best astrologers in Indore. She always effortlessly works on solving the problem of person's life. It is her aim to expanse the awareness for Indian Astrology in all over the globe. She brings a superb offer, in which you can learn online astrology. She runs online Vedic astrology classes. Here, you can learn Vedic astrology in an easy manner. There are many people who want to learn astrology, but they don't know how to learn astrology. Hence, we bring this amazing course for all beginners. This course has been designed for students who are just entering into the astrological world and want to touch the depth of this wonderful science. The course based on cardinal reckoning, planets in asunder zodiac signs and homes of horoscopes. Using of almanac or panchang, remedies, extensive information will be catered on matching the horoscope and muhurtas of general use. We operate online and offline classes. We will provide whole syllabus of astrology course. We conduct exams and provide certificates in vedic astrology. The learning environment of our class is interactive and supportive and all questions and perspectives are considered. Our lucrative online and virtual astrology courses are awaiting for you.

  • Application Fee:-500/-
  • Admission Fee:-2500/-
  • Monthly Fee:-500/-
  • Duration of Course:-1 Year or 2 Year

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