Director Message

This girl works with her mother as house maid and also so for study to school.she wants to be well educate but scarcity of education material makes hurdle in the way at her hope and courage. we can give wings of hope to this type of many childto provide them education equipments like stationary note book ect.

Welcome To Jan Jan Shiksha Abhiyan

Jan-Jan Shiksha Abhiyan running through global F.V.P.N ,is a ISO Certified organisation Trust. Jan-Jan Shiksha Abhiyan is the thought of our Trust. Jan-Jan Shiksha Abhiyan was established in 2013 for poor child. our motto is to establish school for those child who are begging working in hotel and very poor child.Government and any other political party have not worked for street light child regarding education . he main motto of Global F.B.P.N is to development of child and for the development of child Trust contacted men to men and pioneer goverment and non-goverment organisation for wellness of these type of child this type of movement is very useful to growth of economically weak people .this type of movementhelps to built good society and very useful for education through this .we can free the education from dealers of education .its our motto. we request all peoples from all states district town and villages to help our trust for food cause.